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SPECIAL PROMOTION: lighting kits from Opto Engineering


SPECIAL PROMOTION - Lighting kits from Opto Engineering

High power lighting kit.

LTPKIT includes a selection of high power LED illuminators designed to work in overdrive mode, a powerful pattern projector and a 6 channels LED strobe controller for easy control and synchronization of the lights with your cameras and trigger sources.

Continuous lighting kit.

RT-DK-RT-AD-LIGHTING-V1 includes a selection of commonly used LED illuminators working in continuous mode, two lighting controllers for dimming, brackets and diffusers.

From October 1st until December 31st 2018

Take advantage of Opto Engineering LIGHTING KITS available at a SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL PRICE from October 1st until December 31st 2018.

Every machine vision laboratory needs a wide variety of lights to perform feasibility tests. Our lighting kits are the perfect tools, do not miss the chance to equip your machine vision laboratory with a full range of lights and controllers at a very special price!

Our lighting kits are the best solution for OEMs and system integrators that are frequently dealing with new machine vision applications.

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We offer hundreds of LED illuminators and LED pattern projectors available in many different shapes and colors.

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TCKIT case

Telecentric optics selection for machine vision labs.

LTBP series

High-power strobed LED backlights

LTDM series

High-power strobed LED domes

LTDMLA series

High power diffusive strobed dome + low angle illumination systems

LTLA series

High power diffusive strobed low angle ring light illuminators

View-through system

Space-saving illumination system for double side object inspection

LTPRUP series

90W strobed LED pattern projectors

LTDV series

Strobe controllers

Posted on 11 October, 2018

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